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We finally got our first shipment of the 2013 CBR500R in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga and now we’re patiently waiting on the 2013 CB500F to roll in. The CB500F release date was sadly pushed back a little further than the 2013 CBR500’s.For those that are still patiently waiting on the CB500F to hit our showroom floor here at Honda of Chattanooga, you don’t have much longer to wait… We will have the 2013 CB500F in stock at Honda of Chattanooga within the next week.

Since we’re still waiting on it we’ll go ahead and go over some of the Honda Genuine Accessories available from Honda for the 2013 CB500F.


The OEM Honda Seat Cowl for the 2013 CB500F will probably be one of the most popular add-ons as it really cleans up the tail of the bike.

 CB500F OEM Seat Cowl
CB500F Rear Trunk (35 Liters)
CB500F Rear Carrier
CB500F Saddlebag Stay

Additional 2013 CB500F Accessories

  • Front Fender (carbon style)
  • Under Cowl (carbon style)
  • Inner Cowl (carbon style)
  • Rear Headlight Cover (carbon style)
  • Front Headlight Cover (carbon style)
  • Meter Visor (carbon style)
  • Meter Cover (carbon style)
  • Rear Hugger
  • Tank Pad
  • Rear Carrier Base
  • Mount for trunk/saddlebags
 CB500F Saddlebags


CB500F Saddlebag Panel (White)

It’ll be interesting to see if some of the CBR500R parts like the ones below will fit the CB500F.

Additional Accessories for the CBR500R:
  • CBR500R Carbon Fiber Front Fender
  • CBR500R Lower Headlight Cover
  • CBR500R Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger

We have yet to see if these will work or not but the previous model Honda Racing CBR Carbon Fiber Fuel Lid Cover will hopefully work on the CB500F:


Also another cool Carbon Fiber part for your CB500F will be the Honda Racing Carbon Fiber License Tag / Plate Frame:

Honda may release a Carbon Fiber Tank Pad specifically for the 2013 CB500F but if they don’t, you can use the Honda Racing Carbon Fiber Tank Pad Honda already makes for the CBR model lineup on your CB500F:

Another option though if you don’t like the Honda Racing Carbon Fiber Tank Pad above that was originally for the CBR600RR / CBR1000RR. You can do what I did and purchase the Honda Racing Carbon Fiber Tank Pad (below) that was made for the CBR250R but will work on any other bike (I used on CBR600RR). So this Honda Racing Carbon Fiber Tank Pad will work for the CB500F and CBR500R as well for another option to choose from.

The #1 Accessory people are going to be on the lookout for is an exhaust / slip on upgrade for their CB500F. It will be interesting to see what the aftermarket companies like Akrapovic, Leo Vince, FMF, Jardine, Moriwaki etc come up with exhaust wise for the 2013 CB500F.

Here’s a quick video with a sound clip of the exhaust on a CBR500R but the exhaust will sound the same on the CB500F since they share the same engine. The company who makes this exhaust is called K-Speed and is a very large and well known company overseas.

Want to read up on a Review of Features & Specs on the 2013 CB500F? Click Here for a past Blog post with more detailed info and specs along with more pictures on the CBR500R.
Have any questions? You can contact me (Kevin) via email at Kevin@HondaofChattanoogaTN.com or by phone at 423-855-5055 and ask for Kevin and they’ll send you over to me. Thanks for checking out our Blog.
Original 2013 CB500F Blog post can be found here —–> 2013 CB500F Parts & Accessories
You can also view more pictures and information at Honda of Chattanooga
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