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2013 Honda CB500F SALE at Honda of Chattanooga! It’s about time, many of you would say haha. We’ve had a ton of customers waiting patiently (secretly I have also) because it’s another huge step in the right direction for Honda. A lot of the other brands have just been sitting on the sidelines not coming up with new models but can you blame them? Ever since the economy went downhill motorcycle companies have taken a huge hit from it so they have been very timid on what they do next since the $$ wasn’t rolling in like years past.
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Honda decided to lead the way and within the last year have slashed MSRP prices on new models while redesigning them and making them better but instead of raising the prices like usual, they dropped the prices! Then when you add in the models that are completely new for 2013 & 2014 you see Honda focused on offering us consumers a lot of bang for the buck! For example: CB500X / CBR500R / CB500F / CBR250R / CRF250L / NC700X / CB1100 / CTX700 / PCX150 and the list goes on and on while Honda has filled us in that they aren’t done yet and we will see many more new models released for 2014 towards the end of 2013. Personally, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next and to me Honda has showed they are back in the game and are showing the other brands how it’s done!

Anyways… Back to the point of this post which is supposed to be about the all new 2013 CB500F SALE here at Honda of Chattanooga now that we finally have them in stock. They won’t last long though as we had a pre-order list of deposits a mile long so once we get done with customers whom pre-ordered their CB500F we will be very limited inventory wise.

2013 Honda CB500F MSRP – $5,499

2013 CB500F SALE Price at Honda of Chattanooga – $$ Contact Kevin by email ( ) or by phone at 423-855-5055 for more information.

You can also click to “Request a Quote” on our website by clicking —–> 2013 CB500F SALE Price

You may ask “why don’t you post your 2013 CB500F Sale price?” as we have been getting that question lately. Well as of April 1st 2013, we aren’t allowed to post our SALE price any long for 2013 models until a certain amount of time has passed. Please bare with us as we follow Honda’s new pricing guidelines. So long story short… For our 2013 CB500F SALE Price please contact us via the contact information above.

Don’t forget to head over and check out our latest post updated with accessories for the 2013 CB500F ranging from Carbon Fiber part to exhausts etc. Click Here —-> 2013 CB500F Parts & Accessories

Below is a quick video of the 2013 CB500F here at Honda of Chattanooga just walking around it showing it off a little better than what simple pictures allow.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime, you can reach me via email or by phone at 423-855-5055 and ask for Kevin.

You can also view more pictures and information at Honda of Chattanooga
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