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2013 CBR500R is on SALE here at Honda of Chattanooga! Not many bikes have sparked as much interest as the 3 new 500’s from Honda (CB500F / CB500X / CBR500R). For those of you looking for our 2013 CBR500R SALE price please see below for more information regarding our CBR500R pricing here at Honda of Chattanooga. Below you’ll find some pictures and a walkaround video of the new CBR500R. As the other new Honda 500’s roll in I’ll be posting up more pictures along with video of them as well so keep an eye on our Blogs.
It’s been a long time coming and we’ve been patiently waiting here at Honda of Chattanooga for the 2013 CBR500R to arrive. Some may ask what the big deal is etc since it’s only a 500cc motorcycle but it’s only the start of Honda diving into making “affordable” motorcycles again. I’m sure you’ve seen all of the 2013 CBR500R vs 2013 Ninja 300 comparisons that are floating around all over the internet. It’ll be interesting to see how all of it pans out. This part of the market has more than enough room for more competitors so hopefully some other manufacturers will step up as well.

We do have the 2013 CBR500R on SALE here at Honda of Chattanooga but due to Honda’s new MAP pricing guidelines we can’t post up our CBR500R SALE price. You will need to request the price from us and we have a few different options for you on how to get our SALE prices on the all new 2013 CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X:


Enough with my yapping, I’ll continue on with pictures and video of the 2013 CBR500R now.

Don’t forget we do have the 2013 CBR500R on SALE here at Honda of Chattanooga. We’ve been around since 1962 as a Honda Powersports dealer for a reason… So if you’re looking for a GREAT deal on your new CBR500R let us know here at Honda of Chattanooga.
Also don’t forget to head over to our YouTube page to see all of the 2013 CBR500R video’s. Subscribe while you’re over there and you’ll be the first to know when we get the all new CB500F & CB500X in stock too!

Now onto a little bit of video action with the 2013 CBR500R. It’s only a walk around video of the CBR500R because it’s raining and quite ugly outside right now so this will have to do. I will include a video of a friend of mine over in Taiwan getting to test ride a CBR500R months ago.

Now onto a few more pictures of the CBR500R here at Honda of Chattanooga…

2013 CBR500R Gauge Cluster
One thing I’ve got to add is that the wheels on the CBR500R are gorgeous! Very glad Honda has finally stepped it up and gotten away from the old school tri-spoke design of the 80’s.
2013 CBR500R Front Wheel / Wave Disc Brakes
Want to see the 2013 CBR500R in action? Check out the video below.

Original 2013 CBR500R SALE at Honda of Chattanooga Blog post —-> 2013 CBR500R SALE Price / Honda of Chattanooga

You can also view more pictures and information at Honda of Chattanooga
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